About JVPF

Who We Are

As Japan's very first venture philanthropy fund, Japan Venture Philanthropy Fund provides NPOs and social enterprises with mid- and long-term financial and management support to increase their social impact. JVPF was established with an initial capital of 100 million JPY by Social Investment Partners and Nippon Foundation.

Our Mission

  • To cultivate social entrepreneurs and their enterprises by mid- and long-term financial and management support to increase their social impact and bring solutions to social problems
  • To promote and establish the culture of venture philanthropy in Japan

How We Work



Founded: March, 2013
Pro Bono Partners:

Bain & Company
Management consulting

Clifford Chance Law Office
Legal consulting

Vox Global Japan
Policy and advocacy consulting

Organization Structure

Working Group
(Meet as necessary)
In-field tasks including seeking new projects to fund, creating a support plan, and reporting to the selection committee.
Group Members:
  • Tomoya Shiraishi (CEO, SIP)
  • Ken Ito (Director, SIP)
  • Yoshitaka Tabuchi Managing (Director/Secretariat Head, SIP)
  • Nanako Kudo (Associate Director, Social Finance Unit, NF)
  • Kanako Shinden (Researcher, Social Investment Promotion Office, NF)
Selection Committee
(Meet quarterly and as necessary)
Selecting enterprises to fund and monitoring the overall operation quarterly
Committee Members:
  • Tomoya Shiraishi (CEO, SIP)
  • Hiroshi Nonomiya (Director, SIP)
  • Toru Mio (Director, SIP)
  • Shuichi Ohno (Executive Director, NF)
  • Mitsuaki Aoyagi (Team Leader, Social Innovation Promotion Team, Management Support Group, NF)

Member Profile

日本財団 常務理事 大野修一
Shuichi OhnoExecutive Director, The Nippon Foundation
(Social Innovation Program Division Director)
JVPF Board Member

Graduated from the Kyoto University Faculty of Economics. While employed at Marubeni Corporation, was dispatched to the Japan Center for Economic Research, OECD, and the World Bank. Upon returning in 1991, served in the International Business Department's planning office, as well as Operations Department Vice Director, Overseas Markets Team Leader, and Risk Management Department Vice Director. Later joined the Nippon Foundation as Director of the International Department. Has been Executive Director of the Nippon Foundation since 2004. In addition to involvement in an inclusive finance initiative for Vietnam, oversees international cooperation projects and serves as a private representative and advisory committee member for the G8 Social Impact Investment Task Force.
Mitsuaki AoyagiTeam Leader, Social Innovation Promotion Team,
Management Support Group, the Nippon Foundation

Joined the the Nippon Foundation in 1991. Has been a member of the Foundation's division supporting non-profits since 1996 and has worked on issues including reconstruction after the Great Kobe earthquake, accessibility for people with disabilities, and a program aimed at strengthening the Japan NPO Center. In March 2011, participated in a range of support activities as manager of the support center established within the Foundation immediately following the Great East Japan earthquake (now known as the Reconstruction Support Team).
Nanako Kudo Associate Director, Social Finance Unit, The Nippon Foundation
JVPFWG Member, Secretariat

Joined the Nippon Foundation in 2011 and has been involved in various social finance projects including the Japan Venture Philanthropy Fund, Japan National Advisory Board for G8 Social Impact Investment Taskforce, and development of Social Impact Bond projects. Previously, she worked in the investment field at the Japanese trading company Mitsui&Co, and involved in housing projects as summer associate with Acumen Fund Pakistan. She has a master's degree in International Development and Social Change from Clark University, US.
新田 歌奈子
Kanako Shinden Researcher, Social Investment Promotion Office, The Nippon Foundation
JVPFWG Member, Secretariat

Graduated from the Waseda University School of International Liberal Studies. After graduation, worked for three years in sales at a manufacturing company before studying at SOAS, University of London. Joined The Nippon Foundation in September 2014. Responsibilities include the JVPF, the G8 Social Impact Investment Taskforce , social impact bonds, and the inclusive finance initiative in Vietnam.
白石 智哉
Tomoya Shiraishi CEO, SIP (Co-CEO, Phronesis Partners)
JVPF Board Member, JVPFWG Member

Tomoya is a private equity veteran started his career in 1980's. Based on "Growth Investment Approach" that aim to realize potential of investee companies to achieve sustainable growth, he has broad investment track records in Japan, the US and Asian countries. After served as CIO of buyout investment at JAFCO, he was the head of Japan office, Permira until 2009. He dedicated himself to support regional businesses after Great East Japan Earthquake and he established Social Investment Partners (SIP), the first full-scale venture philanthropy organization in Japan in 2012 to provide financial and managerial support to social businesses. In 2014, he became Co-CEO, Phronesis Partners, buyout investment firm focusing small cap companies in Japan. A member of selection committee, Japan Venture Philanthropy Fund (JVPF). A member of national advisory board of G8 Impact Investment Task Force. A board member, NPO After-School. A bachelor of law, Hitotsubashi University in 1986.
三尾 徹
Toru Mio Director, SIP (CEO, Mio & Company, Inc.)
JVPF Board Member

In current capacity since April 2010 after previously serving as a managing director at Nikko Citigroup Limited and a representative director at Asuka DBJ Partners. Completed a Masters in International Relations from University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and holds a BA in General Studies from the same school.
野宮 博
Hiroshi Nonomiya Director, SIP (Partner, Crosspoint Advisors, Inc.)
JVPF Board Member

Joined Mitsubishi Corporation in 1974. After receiving an MBA from INSEAD in 1981, became president of MCF Financial Services in London in 1990. Joined private equity fund Ripplewood Holdings in New York in 1996. Became representative director of RHJ International Japan in 2005, leaving in 2012 for current position.
伊藤 健
Ken Ito Director, SIP
(Visiting Research Associate, Keio University; Regional Head, East Asia, AVPN)

After college, worked at a Japanese manufacturer and went on to obtain an MBA in the US. Returned to Japan in 2001 to join GE International. Involved in social venture development and support since 2005 as a partner at Social Venture Partners Tokyo. Visiting Research Associate at Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance since 2010. Regional Head (East Asia), AVPN since 2014.
田淵 良敬
Yoshitaka Tabuchi Managing Director/Secretariat Head, SIP

Was Accelerator Manager for the Philippines at LGT Venture Philanthropy, a leading global impact investor founded by the Princely Family of Liechtenstein. First started his career in 2002 at Sojitz Corporation, specializing in the aviation industry before moving to the renewable energy sector, where he was responsible for origination and M&A deals. Holds a Masters in Business Administration from IESE Business School in Barcelona. Has worked and studied in various regions including North and South America, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia.

What We Do

  • Funding

We provide funding of at least over ten million JPY to each selected enterprise in the most effective of various forms such as grants, loans, and investments.

  • Business strategy

We help enterprises build a mid- and long-term business plans and strategies by deciding which social issues to focus on and determining the lack of operational resources that needs attention.

  • Financial strategy

We assist enterprises in establishing sustainable financing mechanisms and sources.

  • Management support and monitoring

We stay in close cooperation with the funded enterprises and provides long-term management support and monitoring, often actually holding positions in the board.

  • Other areas of support

We also offer support in the following areas in order to build a stronger organization: marketing, PR strategy development, human resources, business administration strategy, leadership coaching, alliance strategy, and stakeholder performance report system development.

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