About JVPF

Who We Are

As Japan's very first venture philanthropy fund, Japan Venture Philanthropy Fund provides NPOs and social enterprises with mid- and long-term financial and management support to increase their social impact. JVPF was established with an initial capital of 100 million JPY by Social Investment Partners and Nippon Foundation.

Our Mission

  • To cultivate social entrepreneurs and their enterprises by mid- and long-term financial and management support to increase their social impact and bring solutions to social problems
  • To promote and establish the culture of venture philanthropy in Japan

How We Work



Founded: March, 2013
Pro Bono Partners:

Bain & Company
Management consulting

Clifford Chance Law Office
Legal consulting

Vox Global Japan
Policy and advocacy consulting

Organization Structure

Working Group
(Meet as necessary)
In-field tasks including seeking new projects to fund, creating a support plan, and reporting to the selection committee.
Group Members:
  • Tomoya Shiraishi (CEO, SIP)
  • Ken Ito (Director, SIP)
  • Yoshitaka Tabuchi Managing (Director/Secretariat Head, SIP)
  • Nanako Kudo (Associate Director, Social Finance Unit, NF)
  • Kanako Shinden (Researcher, Social Investment Promotion Office, NF)
Selection Committee
(Meet quarterly and as necessary)
Selecting enterprises to fund and monitoring the overall operation quarterly
Committee Members:
  • Tomoya Shiraishi (CEO, SIP)
  • Hiroshi Nonomiya (Director, SIP)
  • Toru Mio (Director, SIP)
  • Shuichi Ohno (Executive Director, NF)
  • Mitsuaki Aoyagi (Team Leader, Social Innovation Promotion Team, Management Support Group, NF)

Member Profile

Akira Maeda
Akira MaedaJVPF Board Member / Vice President, The Nippon Foundation

After graduating from Department of Maritime Technology, Toyama National College of Maritime Technology in 1977, began working for Maritime Disaster Prevention Center.
Joined Japan Shipbuilding Industry Foundation (predecessor of The Nippon Foundation) in 1991. Served as Manager of Maritime Ship, Director of Management Department and Executive Director, before taking the current role as Vice President from 2017.
Mitsuaki Aoyagi
Mitsuaki AoyagiJVPF Board Member/ Member of JVPF Working Group / CEO, SIIF

Joined the Nippon Foundation and involved in many support projects for NPOs. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, engaged in the disaster reconstruction supp ort team as Chief Mana ger at the Foundation. Afterwards, involved in research and pilot model projects to spread imp act investment in Japan. Current position since 2017.
Nanako Kudo
Nanako KudoMember of JVPF Working Group, Secretarial / Executive Director, SIIF

One of' the founders of Japan Venture Philanthropy Fund, Japan' s first venture philanthropy fund.
Led various social impact investment initiatives, such as Japan' s first Social Imp act Bond pilot project. Engaged in GSG National Advisory Board as secretariat. Current position since 2017 .
Yuko Koshiba
Yuko KoshibaMember of JVPF Working Group, Secretarial / SIIF

Yuko Koshiba is Impact Officer at Japan Social Impact Investment Foundation (SIIF). Her work involves impact management, venture philanthropy, and advocacy of impact investment. Prior to joining SIIF, she completed a two-year financial leadership program at GE and then worked in commercial finance at the Energy division at GE. She studied international development at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University where she worked at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and Open Society Foundations as M&E consultant.
Sakae SuzukiJVPF Board Member / CEO, SIP

Sakae made a career shift in January 2019 to dedicate 50% of his time to support NPOs and social enterprises, and another 50% to support corporations as a management consultant. Since July 2019 he assumed the role of Representative Director and CEO of SIP full time. Prior to making this shift, he led growth and value creation efforts at KKR investments as the Managing Director of KKR Capstone in Japan from 2013 to 2018. His career also includes experiences serving manufacturing clients as a Partner of McKinsey & Company, supporting pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses at ZS Associates, providing innovative transaction IT infrastructure for the air cargo industry at Global Freight Exchange, and also leading the on-line sales department at Gateway Japan. He holds a PhD in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology, and a BA from Reed College.
Daisuke Takatsuki
Daisuke TakatsukiJVPF Board Member /
Managing Director, CVC Asia Pacific Japan K.K.

Managing Director, joined CVC in 2016. Daisuke is a member of CVC Operations team in Asia and is based in Tokyo. Prior to joining CVC, he spent over fourteen years at The Carlyle Group as a Director, leading Management and Leveraged Buy-Out transactions. Prior to that, he worked for the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund.
A board member of NPO Florence and Hattatsu Wanpaku Kai, and founding partner of Social Venture Partners Tokyo. Holds an LL.B from the University of Tokyo and an MBA from Stanford University, and is a Scott M. Johnson Fellow.
白石 智哉
Tomoya Shiraishi JVPF Board Member/ Member of JVPF Working Group /
Co-CEO, Phronesis Partners

Tomoya is a private equity veteran started his career in 1980's. Based on "Growth Investment Approach" that aim to realize potential of investee companies to achieve sustainable growth, he has broad investment track records in Japan, the US and Asian countries. After served as CIO of buyout investment at JAFCO, he was the head of Japan office, Permira until 2009. He dedicated himself to support regional businesses after Great East Japan Earthquake and he established Social Investment Partners (SIP), the first full-scale venture philanthropy organization in Japan in 2012 to provide financial and managerial support to social businesses. In 2014, he became Co-CEO, Phronesis Partners, buyout investment firm focusing small cap companies in Japan. A member of selection committee, Japan Venture Philanthropy Fund (JVPF). A member of national advisory board of G8 Impact Investment Task Force. A board member, NPO After-School. A bachelor of law, Hitotsubashi University in 1986.
Sayoko Fukushima
Sayoko FukushimaMember of JVPF Working Group, Secretarial / Executive Director, SIP

Through her 17-years at both Swiss Bank Corporation (now UBS) and Merrill Lynch (now Bank of America) groups, Sayoko built her career in back, middle and front office roles in the Fixed Income division. She then joined Nomura Securities after a career break to pursuit higher studies. At Nomura she played key roles in global projects and as a manager of middle office teams in Operations division, and was also actively engaged in employee volunteer network activities and organizational development initiatives as a strong supporter of diversity. Her interest towards social impact investment, which she came to know during her time in graduate school, remained strong and led her to join SIP in April 2019. She holds MA from Sussex University, Institute of Development Studies (IDS).

What We Do

  • Funding

We provide funding of at least over ten million JPY to each selected enterprise in the most effective of various forms such as grants, loans, and investments.

  • Business strategy

We help enterprises build a mid- and long-term business plans and strategies by deciding which social issues to focus on and determining the lack of operational resources that needs attention.

  • Financial strategy

We assist enterprises in establishing sustainable financing mechanisms and sources.

  • Management support and monitoring

We stay in close cooperation with the funded enterprises and provides long-term management support and monitoring, often actually holding positions in the board.

  • Other areas of support

We also offer support in the following areas in order to build a stronger organization: marketing, PR strategy development, human resources, business administration strategy, leadership coaching, alliance strategy, and stakeholder performance report system development.

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