Why Donate to JVPF?

  • We make sure your donations lead to tangible results.

Our support goes far beyond financial assistance. We establish the area of focus and tangible goals with the selected enterprises and continue to monitor and assist them until they successfully achieve the goals and become sustainable. We focus not only on the action, but even more so on the social impact the action creates.

  • You will closely witness the social impact created by your donations.

We will keep you up to date with how your donations are applied and what changes you are making in society. In addition to the detailed quarterly and annual reports, we offer opportunities where you can learn about what the funded enterprises are accomplishing, including annual gatherings and site visits.

Support JVPF and create sustainable positive impact on society with us. If you are thinking about donating, please contact us below.
Phone: +81-3-6229-5111 (Attn: Nanako Kudo)

Since we are a fund for the public interest, donations to JVPF are eligible for tax incentives. Visit this page for more detailed information:

Internship & Volunteering at JVPF
We welcome interns and volunteers at JVPF. You will be assisting us in our research projects and at various events. It is a great opportunity to learn about social investment and venture philanthropy while making a difference in society with your skills and abilities. If you are interested in becoming an intern or volunteer at JVPF, please contact us by email.
Email: (Attn: Kanako Shinden)

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